[info][Cloud USA] Rice garland project in support of Rain’s Dec 11 The Squall World Tour stop in Seoul.

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Hi there, dear Clouds and Rain fans. :)

I hope everyone who celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday has their menus out or their bags packed because it’s right around the corner!

As some of you read last week on Rain’s official Cloud Fan Community in South Korea, in celebration of Rain’s return to the concert tour stage in Seoul after many years, The Cloud is organizing rice garland donations to be displayed at The Squall World Tour 2015 – 2016 concert stop in Seoul on Friday, December 11.

Just as in the past, they’ve chosen garland company Dreame Co. as the go-to place for fan clubs and individuals to order rice garlands to be displayed outside of the concert venue. The rice included with each garland will be donated to charities that feed hungry children and the less fortunate, in Rain’s name.

Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr

Image credit: The Dreame Garland Co. Korea / @dreamecokr

We have already contacted the overseas fan coordinator and plan to order Cloud USA garland(s) so that English-speakers and North American fans can be represented in Korea. If you would like to support Rain and participate in this project, please send your donations to our Paypal account letitrain@cloudusa.org. Be sure to put your name and location in the notes so that we can send a list of participants’ names to Rain and share it on our media blog and social media (unless you’d rather be anonymous, just say the word).

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[image] Instagrams abound: 몸짱! 비 wants you to see the BEST use of a selfie stick EV-VAR.

•November 22, 2015 • 6 Comments

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CUSAWeiIGTwitterOkay, y’all. There I was, deep into one of my DramaFever K-dramas, one eye on The Grinch Who Stole Christmas on the telly, sipping a steaming cup of cinnamon tea with lemon and honey, happy as a tick on a hound… when I made the fateful decision to take a second to check my phone.

I picked it up. Swiped to my Twitter highlights. And…


My head (figuratively) exploded.

Image credit: rain_oppa @ Instagram (11/22/2015)

Image credit: rain_oppa @ Instagram (11/22/2015) #Cairns #rain #비 #thesquall #concert

The rest is kind of a blur.

I vaguely remember snatching at my headphones, getting tangled in the wires and nearly ripping my ear off. My tea went one way, my glasses flew off the other, and I think I cursed in a couple of languages.


You can put a Cloud in the hospital like that, Hoonie. 몸짱! (Momzzang!) All buff and stuff!^^

I don’t know what possessed you to take up thy selfie stick today, but we are mighty thankful. Thank ya! :) <3

Stephe @ cloudusa.wordpress.com / CloudUSA.org

Well! Well! Well! *grab up your tambourines*

[topic thread][SPOILERS] Round 2: What Clouds and fans are watching right now.

•November 19, 2015 • 18 Comments

There are waaay too many good shows of all kinds on TV and online these days and we need a place to dish about ’em, am I right? Time to bring this open thread back, folks! :)

WE GOT SPOILERS. Please DON’T SCROLL unless you’re good with that.

If you’d like, you can revisit the 1st Cloud-watching thread from 2012 – 2014 starting HERE. ^@@^

[Cloud USA video] Fall in LOVE with Rain in Busan.

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(Credit and edit: Naoko [harudoful] @ Cloud USA / CloudUSAChannel @YT. / Rain: “Love Story” and “30 Sexy”. PLEASE support the artist. Thank you! ^@@^)

[info] Korean entertainer Rain is not having concerts in Washington, D.C. next March.

•November 4, 2015 • 9 Comments

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oopsThe U.S. concerts at the Warner Theater in Washington, D.C. that Clouds and fans are currently finding on ticketing agencies online are NOT for 비 Rain (a.k.a. Jung JiHoon).

Those concerts, dated March 8 – 9, 2016, are concerts for the U.S. rock and roll band Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles. Some ticketing sites are displaying Bi Rain’s pictures by mistake (how ridiculous!), and fans are leaving reviews about Rain by mistake — they don’t know these are not his concerts.

There are multiple ticketing sites contributing to this problem. I’ll use this one for an example.

(CLICK on images for larger view)


Guess what happens when you click the green “Buy tickets” button?

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[from Rain][on rumors][2 trans] “…I will tell you myself directly.” (11/20)

•November 21, 2015 • 9 Comments

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large*Edited to add 11/21: A great squawking arose over one of the translations of Rain addressing the rumors of his non-wedding (what a surprise).

So. I’m adding a second translation to this post for more clarification. (I got the first translation from a commenter on Rain’s IG post, not from Allkpop. I stopped reading Allkpop years ago.)

Sometimes, when Rain speaks, his main point (the Big Picture) is totally missed because of people being all deep in their feelings and sipping haterade like it’s southern iced tea. His main point here is if he gets married, he will respectfully tell us out of his own mouth so don’t get worked up. Because of the language barrier, HOW he said it can be debated until the cows come home with all sides declaring why they are right. *sigh* * SMH* ^@@^


(Image source credit: rain_oppa @ Instagram, 11/20.)

Translation by IG commenter rjanemr @ Rain’s IG:

“Hello… This is Rain, Jung Ji Hoon.

The weather has become very cold.. Everyone, please be careful and don’t catch a cold. It’s just that up till now, many articles related to a wedding have come out, and it seems like we have made a lot of people confused. I’m uploading this post because I think it’s right that I tell you myself. Marriage is an important matter of life and it is a big deal for the people concerned. It’s a very important matter, and if we decide to do something big, I will tell you myself directly. I consider that to be my etiquette towards my long-time fans and to you all. From now on, unless I say so from my own mouth, please don’t believe [other reports].

Thank you.”

Edited to add a second translation by @elsie_see:



[7 images][The Squall] Rain check. (of Kitty Yang, and Kostyle.)

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A thing of beauty. TV show host Kitty Yang posted this GORGEOUS picture with longtime friend Rain at The Squall backstage earlier this month. In the same post, she shared other past pictures from The BEST Rain Asia Tour concert in Guangzhou (May 2011) and even one from his Six To Five days (2008 – 2009). So cool! Thanks for sharing, Ms. Yang. :) ^@@^ (Images credit: 婷婷Kitty208 @ Weibo)


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[13 images][4 clips] Rain at the VIP premiere of movie “Inside Men.” (11/16)

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News clips. Why am I posting so many? Because you never know which ones or how many of them will end up being taken down. ^@@^ (Source credits: K-Star / MyDaily / SSTV / Star Daily News / @YT)

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[19 images][fan cam] Rain Down Under check: The (hallyu) king in Queensland.

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Cloud cover by Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Image credit: Raymond_HF @ Weibo, 11/19)

Needing nourishment. The gist of what this guy said in his post is: “It rained from a clear sky.” Heheh! ;) ^@@^ (Image credit: aus_adam @ IG, 11/20)



Making sure every hair is in place. :) ^@@^ (Image credit: 요리사 박재균 [Chef roccopark90] @ IG, 11/20)


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