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Running… NOT. Terri’s Scream Caps from The Fugitive: Plan B Episode 5.

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~ by Cloud USA on December 5, 2013.

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  1. What this Cloud is watching now: Dominion, Tyrant, Defiance, Devious Maids, Covert Affairs, Graceland, Rogue, Rush and The Tour de France with hubby.

    Yep, the DVR gets a workout regularly. *SMILES*……………………..

    • LOL, my DVR and your DVR would have a lot to talk about! I’m watching Dominion, Tyrant, Defiance, Graceland, and the Tour de France too!

      On the K-drama front, I’m about to start watching Temptation, on DramaFever.

      Stephe ^@@^

      • Wow….well I could just pull up a chair at your house and not skip a beat huh?

        Oh, I forgot two. One of them is The Strain (although, the jury is still out on this one). It’s an intriguing mystery and they are “peeling back the layers” juuust enough to keep the viewer interested….just when you might want to turn the channel. The other one is Satisfaction. It’s an provocative take on the state of one’s marriage, when you’ve been married a long time. Lots of stuff to “sink your teeth into” this season.

        I haven’t found a new K-Drama to watch yet, I may take you up on Temptation.

      • Oh…..dang it…..and Rush. Check it out too. That’s it for now. *SMILES*

  2. *WEEP*

    OH MY GOD. Why didn’t someone stop me from watching “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School,” again?

    I thought my heart would break when I watched it the first time, in 2010, when I’d first discovered Rain. It was so long ago that I had forgotten how bloody sad it was. And so, when I was looking for an old Rain drama to watch,, somehow I landed on this one. What the heck was I THINKING? SIGH.

    Lordie, our man Ji-Hoon does a great job with miserable and tortured, doesn’t it?

    Terri :-}

    • You’re a better fan than me! I haven’t been able to watch it since the very first time. That will probably be the only time I ever watch it in my life.

      Jihoony does a phenomenal job in it, so much so that I just can’t take it. I have waaaay too many Sangdoo issues. I can’t cope. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^

  3. I usually reserve my comments here for K-dramas, but lately I’ve been “hooked” all over again on The Walking Dead. Hubby and I love that show. I must say (as I’ve said elsewhere before) that show is Supreme at asking the “what would you do” questions? That question comes up in some deep scenarios on this show too. I find myself watching and saying to myself….”Damn, what would I do actually?” Especially in last week’s episode when “Carol” had to make a tough call about “Lizzie”.

    Also, the “Glenn” character (played by Steven Yeun) is still soldiering on. That’s saying a lot about his appeal to the show’s viewership, because THIS show pulls no punches even when it comes to killing off some of the main well liked characters. Any of them can “bite the dust” at any time. We caught back up when they had the recent Walking Dead marathon and I’m so glad I did. Love the show.

    On another note, Scandal is another show that “blows my socks off” every week for so many reasons. The writing on both these shows is SO awesomely good. When you don’t see the twists coming, that’s great writing….at least to me.

    Just thought I’d share that I don’t just watch K-dramas. There are way too many good shows out there right now. At least, there are for me. SMILES!

    • Steven Yeun (“Glen”) is who keeps me watching The Walking Dead! And not just because he’s Korean-American — more because he’s hooked me with his character. Heck, all of the characters on the show are different, interesting, and oh-so-human and I love how they are written. The writers know exactly how to get a rise out of you — they’ve had me yelling at the TV and cussing characters out and calling on Jesus a time or two, haha. And yeah, NOBODY is safe. It’s nerve-wracking.

      A true treat for me is seeing the places I’ve been and that I see every day all trashed out/zombied out during an episode. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^

      • Yeah, I know what you mean when it comes to your hometown being the backdrop for a TV show or movie. When it comes to showing Houston, Hollywood only manages to get a perfect view of the downtown skyline, everything else….we’re like…that ain’t Houston. LOL! So, it’s cool when they actually show “real” parts of the city.

        I agree, “Glenn” is an awesome character and one of my favorites and like you….not because Steven Yeun is Korean American, as well as the character he plays (*although my husband would beg to differ….SMILES*). It’s been cool to see that character evolve into someone who I would consider a leader. He went from being unsure of himself in certain areas to being someone that can be counted on to take the reins if/when he’s called upon to step up and lead.

        Oh and loving the “Michonne” character and her sword. She’s a bad motor scooter! Honestly, what I truly love is how the writers create chaos among the characters. They do it in such a way that pairs up individuals that we all KNOW in real life would never ever come together or cross paths, but for this kind of life threatening apocalypse. It really gets the viewer to “turn the mirror” on his or herself and makes you put yourself in these scenarios. It makes you ask questions like…..could you set aside race, gender, religion, your personal principles, etc. to do all that you could do/need to do to survive? Also, could you set aside those things to try and survive with someone that on a good day you probably wouldn’t even speak to much less kill zombies with? This show is so good at asking these questions of its viewers.

        • Love Michonne. LOVE Michonne! She’s the second reason I watch. When we finally got to see some of her backstory, I just cried. — Stephe ^@@^

  4. Here is Kim Soo Hyun doing Kyomi, the guy is adorable beyond words!! Lol!!! Totally different from Min Joon!!

  5. I watched the end of My love for the star and I cried, laughed and screamed so much I ended totally exhausted! What an ending!! OMG!! A rollercoaster of emotions from beginning to end!! I loved the way the writers kept their story line integrity without disappointing the fans! I bet the pressure was INTENSE with nearly 30% of the Korean audience but they kept the control till the end!! Wow!! Also, I HAVE TO talk about the way Korean writers keep an amazing story running high on emotions without almost any sex scenes, talk about creativity!! Lol!! I wouldn’t mind a teaspoon more of sex in the mix of My love from the star considering how sexy Jeon Ji Hyun is but kisses, his charisma and some elements in the drama make up for that, enough to feel satisfy. I highly recommend this drama!! Here is a video so you get a taste of this excellent drama!

    • I should’ve said sexy Kim Soo Hyun!! Sorry!! LMAO!!!

    • I saw the ending as well and it was beautiful and COMPLETELY fitting. It made total sense (within a fantasy realm of course). These two are definitely my favorite couple right now. Awesome, awesome writing indeed! I also agree that there are no “visual” sex scenes and the way they write Korean dramas the “visual” is not needed IMO. I realized a while ago that many times the “lovemaking” is implied in Korean dramas….you can tell the scenes where the “kiss” scene is really a kiss and then some. If you have an imagination, you get those moments. I loved this drama from the first episode to the last. This is one I’m gonna watch again.

    • Perfectly fitting ending. One of the few K-dramas lately that didn’t disappoint all the way through.

      I love me some Kim Soo Hyun, but I tell you, Jun Ji-Hyun was spectacular in this. Her sense of comedic timing was awesome. Her character was so entertaining mostly because she played her with such sincerity.

      So talented.

      Terri :-}

      • True!! She’s amazing at comedy!! I laughed so much with her, even at the end with the video she made for Min Joon I was laughing and crying!! Lol!! Just like Min Joon!! She got so many scenes that could go either chessy or stupid but she made them fun, real and unique! Really, the chemistry between them was unbelievable! His scientific/logical personality matched perfectly with her crazy/spontaneous one. I loved their dialogues, so fresh and witty. This drama was supper cool! :)

  6. OMGGGGGGG My love from the star is KILLING MEEE!!! Is getting SO GOOD I don’t know what to do with myself!! LOL!!! I’m laughing so much but also crying, it’s crazy!! Min Joon is soo cute!! But when it comes to being sexy, woah, this guy is HOT!! I highly recommend this drama, is a MUST WATCH NOW!! :D

    • I KNOW!!! I’m loving it too! The “Cheon Song-yi” is so Awesome. She’s by far my favorite female character out all the dramas I’ve watched and there are many others that are quite good, but it’s just something about the way Jun Ji-hyun plays her. Her comedic timing is so good.

      Do Min Joo….what can I say, he’s a such a cutie and plays “straight-laced” like no other. I’m also loving how he gets jealous….it’s just too cute. Like you Mari, I LOVE this drama so much!

      • Typos…….Ugh!! What I meant to say was:

        The “Cheon Song-yi” (character) is so Awesome.

        …..my favorite female character out (of) all the dramas……

        • Do Min Joon stole my heart since he cried at the end of one of the episodes!! He cries with such feeling, aghhh and I love that he’s becoming more human with each episode! I loved the scene were he got drunk and teleported to Song Yi’s bedroom, the place were he wanted to be!! Their chemistry is awesome!! I can’t wait for the next episode! :D

  7. *SPOILER ALERT*……………………..


    “Inspiring Generation/Age of Feeling” is SO good! OMG I don’t know where to begin. I love this drama just as much as “My Love From Another Star.” I must say, Korea has some of The best child/teen actors around. They really are very good, so much so that they really could carry the drama themselves. They certainly “hook” you from the beginning. By the time the adult actor comes on I feel like “Nooo, I want to see young blood some more.” *SMILES*…………………….

    What can I say about Kim Hyun Joong? He’s not a “flower boy” anymore…at least not in this drama. Although (technically), he’s Still as beautiful as ever, but he’s really good at playing a “heavy.” I am pleasantly surprised. I like this tough guy role he’s playing. It suits him very well. He’s another one I could see in Hollywood films. I get now even more so why Hollywood is “courting” Korean actors as of late. It’s not because they’ve all of a sudden wanted to be inclusive. It’s because the powers that be have begun to notice how many Westerners are watching Korean dramas and loving them. There’s a reason for that. It’s because they are good. These actors are really good. So, now I think Hollywood is “sniffing” that greenback in their future by offering roles to Korean actors from dramas. Oh well, what can you say………………

    As far as his Kim Hyun Joong’s character Shin Jun Tae goes, my heart seriously goes out to him because he can’t catch a break. From childhood to adulthood, his life is just riddled with violence and heartache. I just want him be able to find some peace, but that probably won’t come until the last episode. *SMILES*………… Well, I hope you are still watching this one too.

    • I really love the way Kim Hyun Joong is acting now!! He’s matured beautifully and his acting has improved a lot!! That body he developed, oh my, is so hot!! Wow!! Also, his action scenes so far, very well done! I like the time period too, is the first drama I watch that isn’t Joseon period so is refreshing and the Japanese culture gives another side to this drama that is very interesting. Let me tell you, I can’t wait to see Shin Jun Tae and Gaya together, their chemistry is really good!! I think this drama is pushing the line in so many ways, we see a lot of violence involving women, children and men. Also, I think we may see adult relationships, not a lot of sugar coating here. Regarding the actor kids, this “young Shin Jun Tae” was AWESOME!!! I really enjoyed his acting and as you said, I would love to watch more of him. He looks just like Kim Hyun Joong!! Lol!! They look like brothers, is incredible! Ohh and I like Shinishi, the Japanese man that trained Gaya, he’s so handsome! I’m looking forward to this drama, I think is going to be a drama to remember! :D

      • YES! This drama is a “grown-up” drama. It pulls no punches in the drama department and the adult relationships seem….well…adult, as they should. Also, I like the fact that it’s not in the Joseon Era too. The way gang life is depicted is very rough and tumble….violent, complete with curse words too. I like that…..(*devilish grin*). It’s depicted as it should be, at least IMHO. I agree with you about not sugar-coating this one. This was a volatile time in Asian culture, you can’t really sugar coat it.

        I like this particular time period in Asian culture, because you get to see the shift….the transitioning from the old world ways to the more modern era and how different individuals walk the line between the two. I Love Kim Hyun Joong as a “tough guy” but with a heart. He’s quite believable as a tough guy too. I watched episode 10 last night. I’ve got to play catch up with eps. 8 and 9.

        That’s good drama watching this weekend for me! Cutie pie Kim Hyun Joong with his big “PURTY” eyes! (*I’ve got big eyes too so I’m a little biased….has nothing to do with his being Asian or not*). *SMILES*…………………..

        • LMAO at the cursing!! Yeah, is cool to hear some in Korean dramas! Totally unexpected and refreshing because it make them sound human! Kim Hyun Joong looks fierce in this drama and I like this side of him. I love the fighting scenes, he’s handling them well. Also, I love Gaya fighting with her japanese kimono! She looks delicate and feminine but in truth the girl is lethal! Just the way I like my female leads! :D

  8. OMG!! My love from the star is soo good!! I love those “interviews” at the end of each episode! They give you another perspective or extra details of the episode and I think that’s an interesting way of telling the story! I think is great that the character tells you his/hers feelings of what’s going on in their “lives”. Love it! At the end of episode 11 I freaked out cuz that ending was unexpected! Episode 12 was even better!! I can’t wait for the next episode!! :D

    • That’s going to be my next drama to watch, Mari. I’ve heard too many good things about it.

      Stephe ^@@^

      • Believe me, you’re going to love it! The main couple complement each other well, she’s crazy and he’s logical but somehow it works! Lol!! The story line is interesting; there’s comedy, suspence, romance and drama. I’m enjoying it a lot! :D


      Mari, girl. I LOVED episode 11!! She has no idea just how much her “Alien” protector loves her. I want him to not get sick anymore. I want him to be able to be with her and Big brother CEO…can’t stand him. He’s super shady. Also, in the scene where he wanted to shoot the “Alien” what I found slightly unrealistic was the fact that he was only slightly “shocked” at seeing a man “disappear” before his very eyes. Oh he did looked surprised for a few moments, but not “shocked”..then he just went back into “gansta” mode. I’m like I don’t care how “Billy Bad @ss” you are, if a person “disappears” right before your very eyes and then “reappears” directly behind you within seconds…..THAT should strike terror within your heart. He should have been more “shaken” by that experience IMO.

      Don’t tell me about Episode 12 yet, I gotta get to bed….work tomorrow. Oh and I’ve just begun watching “Age of Feeling”….That’s gonna be a GOOD one too. I’m in the middle of Episode 2 on that one. These I’m loving so far.

    • Ok Mari, I just finished episode 12. OMG! I love it when I can’t predict how a drama will end. I love these two together. I’m also starting to get nervous for Baby Brother CEO. His older brother is too ruthless and has no problem getting rid of Anyone in his way, even family. He is very good looking though….in a sinister kind of way. It’s funny how some of these men can be extremely good looking and look scary/mean as hell at the same time….what I call “natural looking bullies.” Sometimes a drama has the right cast and the chemistry between all the characters just gels so well. I don’t think there’s a character I don’t like, even the ones….I don’t like. LOL! Even the pace of the drama is great. That’s why this story is so good.

      Can’t wait for the next one! *SMILES*……………………….

      • SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Yeah that bad guy is creepy!! I’m afraid for his brother too, he’s too naïve and good hearted to go against his brother. Sigh, I hope he don’t kill him! I want a good ending for him! Regarding the part were the alien disappear, the baddie was shaken alright cuz he started to laugh! That was way more creepy to me than being scared out of his wits, this guy is a serial killer, he won’t react the way everyone does! I love the way episode 12 ended, oh my goodness, I didn’t expect AT ALL that our alien boy would breakdown like that! Totally unexpected and I loved it! Also, the kiss after he practically destroyed our diva’s heart, that was so beautiful, specially when we know that kissing her makes him weak. It was a touching way of ending episode 11! Unfortunately, I expect more hard times for our alien, he said it, the more he stays in earth, the more weak he’ll get. That was what happened 400 years ago, he was in a weak state and got poisoned with arsenic and that’s why he couldn’t save the girl or go back to his planet. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen in the last episode, the writers of this drama can have an ace under their sleeves and surprise us! They have 29% in ratings, they better come with a great finale! I hope that since is a romantic comedy, they end it without killing them! Talking about comedy, the part were she got trapped in that green, huge, sleeping bag when he was sick was brilliant, I almost busted a gut laughing!! His face when he found that huge green thing in his bedroom was priceless!! Lol!!! I love this drama! :D

        • *SPOILER ALERT*………………..

          That’s SO true! The “Alien” (Kim Soo-hyun) is awesome at playing “straight faced.” I would love to see the blooper reel, because he had to crack up in between takes. Also, you’re right. I didn’t think about it that way, but you’re right it wouldn’t make sense for Big Brother CEO go weak in the knees at first sight of the alien, even if he is on the inside. I hope they don’t kill the “Alien” and Song Yi either. They are like that old saying…..”a fish can fall in love with a bird, but where would they live?” The same holds true for them. If he stays on earth or exchanges fluids with humans, he becomes weak and could possibly die. Kissing/lovemaking is the ultimate human exchange. Yet, he’s in love with a human. So in the end does he stay and possibly die in her arms? I don’t see him trying to take her to his planet to live, even though he did say there were other worlds (in the galaxy) that had livable conditions similar to earth. Now THAT would be an ending and a half. LOL!

          Oh and I just realized, the Korean film “The Thieves” also starred the two leads in this drama as well. I’ve seen it and the film was very good…check it out too! *SMILES*…………….

          • I watched “The Thieves today! Lol!!! Great movie but I didn’t like that he ended up in jail. At one point I thought she was going to look for him and take him out of jail but she didn’t. That’s my only complain. She did a great job in that movie. OMG the kiss they shared in this movie was AWESOME!! Best part of the movie!! Lol!! :D

          • You are right, he can’t exchange body fluids with a human BUT knowing the work of these writers, they probably thought of a way of breaking that rule. It would be interesting that he takes her with him to his planet. She would break havoc in there, I guaranteed it! Lol!!! :D

  9. I’m watching “My love from the stars” and I love it! That “Alien” is so cute!! Lol!! I like the leading lady, she’s crazy as a bat and I’m laughing so much with her! Even though I know she’s older than him, they look good together and the contrast and chemistry between them is funny but hot! Since I love UFO’s stuff and out of this planet romance, I’m in love with the story line, very clever indeed. I can’t wait for the next episode and the ending!! I’m not the only, the high ratings this drama is having say that Koreans are very pleased with it. My next drama to watch is “Age of Feeling” with Kim Hyun Joong, this one is going to be AWESOME!! :D

    • I’ve heard about this one. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been looking for what to watch next. So, it’s “My Love From The Stars” and “Age of Feeling”……..got it. *SMILES*

      • Yey!! You’re going to love them! :D

        • “My Love From Another Star”……………LOVE it! I’m on episode 7. You called it Mari. I’m SO hooked already. *SMILES*

          Has “Age of Feeling” started? If so, I’ll watch that one too. I’ve got a “soft spot” for Kim Hyun Joong ever since BOFs. He doesn’t “stir” me like my all-time favs, but I still like him as an actor and he’s beautiful to look at. So, I’m looking forward to it. *SMILES*

  10. I’ll watch any drama with Lee Min Ho, he’s still my second favorite actor so yeah. :)

  11. Well girls, I watched Heirs’ ending episode and was dissapointed too! Sighh 😔 First, I wanted a wedding at least! I know, asians usually get married at 30 plus years but it’s still a drama! Lol!! Second, poor Lee Min Ho had to wear that HORRIBLE SUIT!! Jeez!! Did you know that all Kim Tan’s clothes are going to be auctioned for charity? Yeah, I guess people will buy it only cus it has Min Ho’s scent on it!! Otherwise, I don’t think these clothes would fetch much! Lol!! Third, I didn’t like that Kim Tan’s older brother ended so unhappy! Poor thing! I know he deserved some of it but really, that bad? I’m not sure. Anyways, I liked that Kim Tan’s mom and Eun Sang’s mom reunited, that was great. Also, Young Do and his mom found each other and wow, she’s a beauty of a lady! The other kids ended well to, I liked that Rachel may end with Kim Tan’s hyung, I think they make a great couple. All in all, It was a good ending but it wasn’t memorable. :)

    • Yes Mari, seems like we three are on the same page with Heirs. This drama had a lot of build up and then a big “thud” at the end. Goodness knows they had enough “stare down” moments milking the heck out of the dramatic effect. So, the ending left you feeling like….”Is this it?”

      LMH is my #2 as well. Like I told Terri I’ll also watch any drama any time with him in it.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I think they raised the expectations but didn’t know what to do with it or din’t have the time to do it. :/

  12. Mari….Terri,

    Ok I watched the Heirs finale last night and…..well….I didn’t like it. Well, I didn’t hate it…BUT, I was a disappointed.

    While I recognize that most of the characters had a “happy ending” in Kim Tan’s “10-year down the road fantasy dream” something was missing for me. I don’t know, maybe they are planning a season 2. I can see there are all kinds of possibilities for that but this ending just didn’t do it for me.

    You know, as a writer, I see now it’s hard as hell to write a memorable ending or at least an ending that translates to others the same way you see it in your head. The ending was Tan’s dream for the future, how cool and crazy exciting would it have been if Eun Chang had been pregnant when she turned to face Tan at the end of his dream (after all it was 10 years down the road). As a viewer, you would have felt like ok after all the craziness of them being forced apart and what not at least he’s sees them married in 10 years. To me a good ending is one in which the viewer/reader still wants more of the story, even though it’s ended.

    Let’s not even talk about how they put my cutie Lee Min Ho in the ugliest suit known to man….and on the finale too. When he was standing across the street from where Eun Chang was standing in her old neighborhood and he had on that cream jacket and matching sweater…..Oooo, my heart skipped several beats he looked so handsome in that. When he walked away from her and she fell to the ground crying, I said to myself honey I feel you. All that sexy walking away from me, I’d be crying my eyes out too. LOL!

    Bottom line, I don’t care Asian….American…..Eastern….Western…..ugly is ugly and that suit was damned ugly (TO ME) and I LOVE fashion (my FB friends know). I even like “different”….but when they finally showed him walking up those steps, I was like WTHell is that “ish” he got on??!! No my English wasn’t proper when I saw that suit. LOL!! Still “love” you LMH cutie, but your stylist for this drama was “sipping the sauce” from one week to the other. LOL!

    • Well, BiAlmode,

      I’m not surprised that the ending sucked. They always do. LOL. I haven’t watched the last episode yet, though, so don’t tell me anymore. I want to be pissed all on my own, okay? :-P

      Terri :-}

    • Okay, BiAlamode,

      I finally watched the last episode of Heirs, and I wasn’t TOO disappointed. I mean, they’d run out of time, so of course they had to rush to wrap it up somehow. Typical of Korean dramas, I’m beginning to think.

      I think it was pretty realistic too. After all, these were 18 year old kids. How many of our parents would be thrilled with our having a serious boyfriend/girlfriend at 18? My parents would have had a stroke themselves. LOL. So, I think the ending was pretty much how the story would have continued for these “kids”.

      Seriously, I was just happy that everyone stayed alive. LOL.

      The only thing that bugs me about this drama, though, and many others, is Korea’s seeming obsession with how “miserable” rich peoples’ lives must be. I mean, come on. How realistic is that? The weight of the crown is heavy, and so you must bear it? Really? Anyone telling you that wealthy people have it hard is lying through their teeth. Someone give me a crown and watch how fast I put it on. :-P

      The real truth of the matter is the poorest of us don’t have the option to make ANY choices at all, because we are too busy simply trying to SURVIVE. So these “look at these conglomerate (chabeol) families and watch how hard they’ve got it” dramas are SO ridiculous to me that it’s often difficult to suspend my disbelief.

      That being said, I STILL watched the whole damned thing. In my defense and for the sake of absolute transparency, though, I will watch Lee Min Ho in ANYTHING–doing ANYTHING. And obviously wearing anything. LOL.

      Terri :-}

      • LOL!……I don’t disagree with anything you have said. Maybe, that’s what I felt when I watched the last episode. It felt like it was “thrown together.” It did not “feel” finished (so to speak). I still do think there could have been a “Wow” moment in there somewhere and I just didn’t feel that….but hey, that’s just me. Yes, I’m glad everyone stayed alive as well, especially Tan’s hyung who kept threatening suicide. I liked his character and wanted him to find some peace of mind.

        Also, I totally agree…..let me try that “rich man’s crown” on for size. Heck, when you’ve got that kind of money…..go buy your behind a private island somewhere and Disappear, if you the “crown” is too heavy. I’ve always said, there’s only so much empathy I can feel for a rich individual (even JiHoon Jung truth be told). You’ve got a boat load of OPTIONS that can be exercised at ANY time. Use’em baby if life is that hard for you. LOL!

        Also, you know LMH was always my #2 Korean bias after Bi, so ANY drama he stars in will get watched by me, I don’t care how ugly his outfits may be. Although, I stand by my feelings on that plaid suit. Not too many people can pull off head to toe plaid I don’t care who you are…..LOL! But honestly, it’s not something I concentrated too hard on. It was just a momentary observation.

        I guess I’m different from other fans. Even if I “love” your @ss to death, I’ll still tell you what I don’t like and I don’t think that makes me a “mean fan” either. Just a realistic one. *SMILES*……………..

  13. I had to watch Heirs on Dramafire.com last night. Dramafever was seriously tripping. C’mon Dramafever…..get it together!

    Kim Tan….poor baby!

    • ******* SPOILERS ALERT*****
      Poor Kim Tan, he’s having such a hard time!! Aww I cried with him when he was in that gorgeous apartment alone, on his knees and crying his heart out! Lee Min Ho is a great actor, he made that scene in a way that you feel his pain. Now, let’s talk about that I-want-you-in-my-bed-right-now kiss, OMGGG!! This kiss is ground breaking for a Korean drama! Lol!! I was in shock, didn’t expect that kind of kiss at all!! Specially when the first kiss they shared in the school rooftop was kind of lame! Lol!! This kiss was intense and she enjoyed it! Isn’t that amazing? Also, when Kim Tan was talking with his father and said, “My life feels like sh*t!” or something along that line, jeezz, I was in awe again! But then I realized that Kim Tan was in the USA for some years so is understandable he used that common word. Heirs is getting so good, I’m looking forward to that end and hope is good. :)

      • I know Mari! I can’t wait to see how this drama ends. So many scenarios can happen. Like is the father really faking his illness? Will he actually fake a sudden attack at Tan’s birthday party? Will his mom show up at the party?

        I can see that Tan is going to introduce Eun Sung as his girl at the party (at least that looks like the intent)…but will he get the chance too. I’m also glad to see his brother opening his heart up more to him. Won’s girl summed it up so well. She said that Tan sees only Eun Sung as his world, he doesn’t need to be a big company CEO, but her man Won loves her but he also want to be the top dog in business as well. At least she understands that about him.

        Oh and The KISS……yes Mari girl! I was like now that’s more like the kind of kiss you expect from Lee Min Ho. You know I finally get it with these Korean dramas. They film these stories to “appear” chaste and what not but come on, the viewer knows what is “really happening.” I just think Korean society is really good at keeping the Way Too Sexy on the DL even in the midst of showing their usual cultural norms. Some things are just human nature (*if you know what I mean*) and will happen I don’t care what culture you come from. *SMILES*

        All I know is Tan had better end up the Eun Sung dammit! *SMILES*

        • Yes I want that Kim Tan ends up with Eun Sang, otherwise, What’s the point of making Kim Tan so miserable if they will end up separated? They stablished that Kim Tan will destroy himself if he’s away from her so now there’s no way they can be separated, right? I really hope they don’t kill them! Lollll!! Also, I want Young Do to be happy, either with his mom or with a girl. Rachel should end with Kim Tan’s friend, the one she found in the infirmary. :)

          • That’s what I was thinking too. Rachel and Tan’s hyung will end up together. I also feel the same way about Young Do too. I “hated” him at first, but understanding his motivations for being so mean made me soften towards him. He’s so deeply wounded and his abusive father compounded his hurts. I do hope he gets some happiness in the end too. I do think Tan and Won will become closer too. I just can’t really read how things will play out with Daddy. He will play the brothers against each other til the end if he can.

  14. funny

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