[images] Fresh new Rain from MCM: How you like me now? :)

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Just fine, JiHoon. We like you j-u-s-t fine. :)

(This is a grown man right here, folks. Y-e-s.)

[images source: Taiwan & Hong Kong AppleDaily / tip: Kongsao]

~ by Cloud USA on May 26, 2011.

31 Responses to “[images] Fresh new Rain from MCM: How you like me now? :)”

  1. Plz give me rain images

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! mi Dios!!! este chico esta que arde!!!
    :P O.O :S me dio un infarto jaajaja!!

  3. [...] Rain's fans (who call themselves Clouds! AWWWW.) posted his latest campaign with German accessories house MCM, which OOZES of luxury travel. We can just imagine him rocking [...]


  5. I love ALL of them but my dancer heart just LOVE the second one. Oh, so very Footloose!!!! *scream!!!*

  6. WOW~ <3
    So dashing and handsome *.*
    *heart flutters* *siiiiigh*

  7. OH MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY, MY……….You “SHO” Look GOOD!!!! BABY LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Putting on my red dress AND my high heels…..(Sista feels like a Johnny Gill song right about now……MERSAY!!!!)

    Now THAT’S a Grown ASS Man!!!!…..Yes, Indeedy!!

  8. Super images….Rain has matured without loosing his sexiness!! The root is getting hotter and the windows are steaming up!!!

  9. *picks up jaw from the floor*
    Wow….that first pic is just soooo intense….

  10. @Flower
    awawwawaaw did u know i change my background dest of the Pict # 1
    that pict are falling deep expression it SO FREAKING DAM HOT AS FINE GROWN MAN !! :P)
    he sure tooking my breath away and if here deat to spean gernman or frech to me say I LOVE !! i just going to MELT AWAY awawaw i ewanted to hear he say it out in ENGLISH like how he say in his dersdenn Gernman perfrom I CAN EXPLAIN!!! awawawawwa i so blown away!!! :P)

  11. OH gosh i’m telling u when i saw this pict my loosing my contril i screaming and almost knock myself over my Pc good think i did eat our u choking up along with him all seting and post like that O.o
    MEERCYYYYYYYYYYYYYY that fine man HOT & PRINCE just killingme and he wating for me that why he meet me at MCM and give me that REDICLIOUS shot it was screaming!!! out lourd i am that is my dersert for excaude me while i’m scrawling slowly on that counch and wrap around him see that he say com baby i here am ready!! awawawwawawa :)
    i love first #1 pict the most boy my mouth keep moning and i put my finger andbit my nail all ten like motor here OH MY OH MY!! :P) and mouth wilde open here and eye stare to this PC heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

  12. So casual and yet so elegant with those MCMs in the background.

  13. OMG these pics are so hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rain is a 100% FINE grown man in each one and I love it!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving his grown man sexy image he got going on!!!!!!!!! I love everything about the pics. I love his hair, clothes, MCM items, just everything. I can not stop looking at them. Rain got me sweating buckets!!!! I have to make the first pic my computer background, so freakin smokin hot!!!!!

  14. it’s chuck bass!!

  15. wwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    damn i didnt need coffee to wake me up right about now. Rain did that for me. and u say these were ads for mcm??? hmmm wheere was that? bcuz all i could see and pay attention to was RAIN. i didnt even see the luggage till like 5 minutes later lolol great job mcm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. One more thing:
    Dear MCM stylists,
    Thank you for not managing to make Rain look fat by making him wear wrinkled clown pants or something just as ridiculous.
    :side eyes Lotte stylists:

  17. IKD bout yall Boo got me sweating! DAMN!

  18. Pic#1. Rain, honey, need help with your…um…luggage. Yeah luggage, I wasnt thinking of anything else. :P

  19. He’s gotten so preppy recently with his tucked in shirts and stuff… very mature. I miss his ly style of dress coz I love funky but this looks good on him too. I do hope he hasn’t totally retired his fun clothes yet. :D

  20. BOO looks so damn HOT!!! I love every single one of these equally…Yaw know I love JiHoon with long hair but DAMN he’s FINE has HELL here!!!!! Sorry for the extra words? Aherm. BUT DAMN! Just can’t stop staring at these. <33333

    • Ok I haven’t moved past this page since I got here so I know EXACTLY what you mean. I love me some JiHoon w/ long hair too but wooooooo!

  21. These are RIDICULOUSLY hot. I even had to make up words to describe them: Incredible-ness and fabulosity.
    :high pitched fangirl squeal:

  22. This is a GROWN MAN right here.

    Grown. Man. Wah…

    Stephe ^@@^

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