[ETA updated chart] Rain to be included in the 2011 TIME 100 Most Influential People special issue.

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

And we couldn’t be more proud of him.

His interest and charity work in helping the young, the elderly, crime victims, disaster victims (and even his own fans) this past year and throughout his career speak loads about Rain’s compassion for his fellow man across the globe. That he is also an entertainer of many talents is simply icing on the cake. Congratulations, Jung JiHoon, from your worldwide fanbase!

» Our previous ongoing post for this year’s TIME 100 online poll is HERE.

» Rain’s 2011 online readers’ poll page on TIME.com is HERE (Official voting for TIME 100 inclusion was over on the 14th at midnight. Additional voting for the non-winners is over as of now, 4/21, and the poll has been completely closed.)

~ by Cloud USA on April 15, 2011.

72 Responses to “[ETA updated chart] Rain to be included in the 2011 TIME 100 Most Influential People special issue.”

  1. Wow, it’s 4 AM and I just saw Rain’s number go up, and Jay’s, and Cheng Yen’s and Mahinda’s. Votes are still trickling down from the TIME voting machine…

    Even if someone is trying to hack, do I think they can hack up 250,000 to 300,000 magic votes overnight? Er… NO.

    And even if they did, do I think TIME would let them get away with it after they already declared Rain the winner to the entire world a week ago? Er… NO.

    It is over, this is madness, and I’m going to bed. *keeping one eye open because of Jay’s steady trickle, which is really WEIRD because it’s so much more than anyone else’s*

    Stephe ^@@^

  2. Hey Stephe, the voting has ended for us Rain, however Jay Chou’s numbers are still going up? Whats up? Girl we might have to throw down!!

    • You can’t get to anyone’s voting box anymore, so the voting seems to have ended for everybody…

      It also appears that everyone’s numbers keep inching up a bit, including Rain’s… with so many thousands of people voting all day, the last trickle of votes are probably just coming in, you know, like a time delay… Let’s just keep an eye on it.

      Rain won inclusion in the TIME 100 by beating everyone out by the 14th last week… nothing that happened since then is going to change anything.

      Stephe ^@@^

  3. You know what I think is so cool? The way Clouds banded together and MADE DAMNED SURE that Rain was gonna come out on top of this poll no matter what. I felt such solidarity with Clouds all over the world as I saw tweets going out about the voting and fb posts and a gazillion comments on the Time site as well as other places. I loved how U.S. Clouds would vote till the nighttime and then be able to go to bed and sleep well. We knew that when we woke up and looked at the totals the next day we’d see a huge jump in numbers because Clouds in other time zones were voting their a-ses off. I loved it! I would look every morning as I got ready for work and it would just bring a huge grin to my face.
    I also loved voting and refreshing the page and seeing the count go up in the hundreds in the span of a few minutes. How great does Rain have to feel knowing that he has such a devoted fan base? I know this sounds cheesy but I felt like I was holding everyone’s hands across the world as I voted for him. I’m so glad I got to be a part of this.
    Hugs to everyone! <3

    • :)

      Doesn’t sound cheesy at all. It’s one of the best feelings in the world. I think we should call it the Cloud Effect. LOL

      Stephe ^@@^

      • Great idea! We should really make some sort of lexicon because we all have managed to coin some sort of new word or phrase of Rain-jargon. Newbies to the site could refer back to it if they ever got confuzzled about what we are talking about… lol…
        Let’s see… bananas, THRUST, Cloud Effect, cold water forum hose, etc.. haha… I know I’m forgetting lots of others.

        • Yes, it was incredible to see those numbers going up by the minute that last day. Also, when I got tired and later came back, I got a feeling of friendship, you know, my friends Clouds have my back and kept voting while I was taking a break. It was awesome!! I hope Rain get a look at those coments cuz they were full of love for him!! I know some were corny but hey, sometimes people need corny in their lives. If he gets a bad day or something, he just have to look at those comments and I am sure he is gonna feel in a heartbeat!!

  4. Let me ask you a teeny-tiny question, folks. TIME changed their statement from “rain having won the honor” to “rain having been this year’s reader’s choice”.. then I found this explanation by one of the fans. Here: “Rain is the winner of the online poll, see how Time inserted … with Rain as the 2011 readers choice … until the final list (chosen by our editors). That means that’s what Rain is … a winner in the online poll. The final list will not be decided by the readers but the editors of Time. Which means the final list may or may not include Rain’s name on the list, this will be decided by the editors of Time magazine and not by us, the readers.
    I think now they have made it clear to us that it’s the editors of Time who has the final say about this list and not us. I think this is their way of informing us ahead of time so that we will not be shocked when the final list is out on the 21st, and we find that Rain is not on the list … like what happened last year.”
    so what does it really mean then? sorry if I keep on bugging you with these questions.

    • Hi, babyrain.

      The final TIME 100 list for the special issue has always been chosen by TIME’s editors (them). The online readers poll has always been a completely separate thing (us). Just last year, they decided to include the winner (the #1 spot) of the online readers poll in their final TIME 100 list. Looks like they are continuing that same practice this year, which is great for Rain.

      Rain wasn’t included in the TIME 100 list last year because he finished at #4. The editors did include last year’s #1 finisher (freedom fighter Mousavi) on the TIME 100 list.

      I hope this helps.

      Stephe ^@@^

      • thanks a lot^^ everything’s crystal clear now :) I’m being all freaky about this because some nutcase told meto quit rejoicing because it isn’t finished yet. she told me not to be so full of myself just because Rain finished at first. Huh.. talk about insecure. thanks again :)

        by the way, I just wanna say this… your blog rocks! I don’t comment too often, but I visit this blog especially when something bothers me. Clouds from this blog do know how to ease our apprehensions. Great, GREAT Job! Hope this blog will remain active even during Rain’s hiatus.

        • babyrain,

          You are very welcome. :-} We’re delighted that you like our blog.

          I know how you feel about the Time.com poll. I’m still voting too myself. I wanna see him get even higher #s–just cause I know he can. LOL.

          And yes. We WILL still be here during Rain’s military service, bringing you whatever news comes our way. :-}

          Terri :-}

          • Well, to tell you honestly, I come here every time “someone” pisses me off. that someone never fails to bring my spirits down. It may be a bit inappropriate to ask you a favor since I’m not a regular here. But is there a way in which we can communicate privately… I want to vent out all the bitterness I’ve had for the past few weeks. I could use a “chatmate” right now. [of course, if you aren't very busy.]

            • babyrain,

              We are sorry to hear that you’ve had difficulties with someone somewhere. FYI, everyone is always welcome here–our wonderful regulars, those who just visit from time to time, and people who just want to lurk and remain anonymous and who never say a thing. All are welcome. I can’t stress that enough.

              All are also invited to send us e-mails as well. We are really busy, and sometimes it takes us some time to respond, but we will get back with you as soon as we can.

              You can find all of our contact information on our About Us page on our website here: Cloud USA’s About Us Page. However, my e-mail address is Terri@cloudusa.org.

              E-mail me anytime.

              Terri :-}

  5. i hope TIME can keep their words to include Rain as a winner in their final list

  6. Now that is waht I am talking about Jihonn is number 1.

  7. “show my Blackness on them”, “twirling saber”, “Mighty redhead Latina”, “take off the sneakers”, “put the big rings on”
    LOL! Stephe, Marisara, Violarain625, Dee, Lotus – so funny!
    I am so happy but sleep deprived. Have to choose my battles so I don’t know how much I can help in the O poll, but I think we proved our worth as a fan club no matter how the O poll turns out.

    • Oh, that’s okay, isilvalie. :D

      Whatever anyone can contribute to the O poll is just fine. These are tiring times indeed, and we understand where you’re coming from. Believe me! Get yourself some rest!

      Stephe ^@@^

  8. @terri
    thank u for clear that i know now and i wll contiune to VOTE for rain don’t worry regradless he is win this poll but cloud over well also add more voting for rain coz we do all want him be happy once again i am the one WHO MISUNDERSTANDING !!
    what happen yesterday and it CONFUS me i came and leave a unexcepted comment WHEN EVER I GOT SCARE WHY DO KEEP DO THAT???
    yes i am voting for rain vote on the MTV O Awards. voting for the Cloud Army over there i been vote for rain everday and also TIME POLL i want rain to top lis and win that why am his fan and cloud i do what ever took him in good lead and face on the front COVER !! i just hope everythinng went out SMOOTY today
    about stephe she migh very upset about i keep get her upset all over and over!!
    i just want to am SORRY i know that worrd been pase on this site so many time it i just hope that i am not the most irrating person that all just saying ..
    now i guess am not a good clouUSA here anymore but thank anway terri i will give it my voting for rain time poll and vote on the MTV O Awards.Army over there VOTE for him ..

    • @kongsao

      Hey, this is Stephe. Don’t worry about it. Misunderstandings are misunderstandings, and friends have them all the time, don’t they? It’s normal. Don’t worry and just be the best cloud you can and support our Rain to your fullest.

      Thanks for not forgetting about the MTV O Awards.

      Stephe ^@@^

    • Ah, Kongsao,

      Don’t worry about it, dear. I could tell you were worried.

      I need to go VOTE. :-}

      Terri :-}

  9. Go Rain!! You are #1!!! The best man!! The hottest man on earth!! Oh Yeah!!! *dancing to I’m Coming and moving the buttay like a crazy woman* Go Rain, You are the man!!!

  10. Clouds are amazing!! SI RAIN ES EL UNO !!!!LAS NUBES UNIDAS JAMAS SERAN VENCIDAS !!!!!

  11. HELLO GOOD MORNING!!!!!!!……….BABY LOVE, You are the MAN!! Sister Clouds!!…..WE Know What’s Up!!!!

    SO Excited and I can’t wait to his beautiful face in TIME mag.

    CLOUDS make DO WHAT IT DO!!!…………..(BIG SMILES)

  12. *screams and runs up and down hallways and staircases, then grabs twirling saber goes outside tosses a 5 spins around and catches it*
    HE WON! HE WON!!!!
    Clouds are amazing…
    *screams again and runs down street*

  13. ok stephe nevermind forget i guess i annoyed u to much i guess i just have to frop out this site for now i don’tt to give u anymore misunderstanding and confus here SORRY for all that trouble and don’t worry agin any more KONGSAO here !!

  14. @stephe
    are refer to me??????????????????
    all am say i don”t like how they change think last min and i don’t to miss understanding or it me whho misunderstanding here ???
    coz, i read on other site they say the might change the poll vote that i i aware of if am not here amd i ask wondering about i hope u not miss understanding me and think i over react over this poll !!

    • This is Terri , Kongsao. I was the one who answered you.

      Yes, you are misunderstanding. No, they are not changing the votes. Rain has WON the poll’s #1 spot and will appear in the magazine. However, they are letting all of us continue to vote for another week to see how the other spots play out. But the “official” voting has been CLOSED.

      Terri :-}

      • I don’t know if they will let the votes change the visual standings or not. I am continuing to vote, though, cause I’ll like to see how many more votes we can pull for Rain. Wouldn’t everyone like to see him get 500,000 votes?

        I sure would and I think we can do it with another week of voting? What say you all?

        Terri :-}

    • No, I wasn’t referring to you. If I had been referring to you, I would have replied directly to your comment and said your name. As a matter of fact, I do believe I said people freaking out all over the Rainiverse (the fan base, a bunch of different sites, the Internet, etc). I didn’t say anything about Cloud USAers because there was very little freak-out here. Folks were more into celebrating Rain, which was great, and the few questions that popped up about the situation here on the blog were no big deal.

      A lot more fans read this blog than comment on it, therefore when I have a chance to shed light on a situation and help people out there better understand what’s going on, then that’s what I’m going to do. Good thing, too… because it seems that fans still don’t understand that what you read on “other sites” isn’t automatically true.

      Stephe ^@@^

  15. That said, I’ll probably vote some more just for good measure and keep my eye on those totals. And PRAY that the list looks right when TIME gets their stuff together next week. (I would really hate to have to show my Blackness on them. Trust. ROFL!)


    Stephe ^@@^

    • ROFL!!!!! Yes, I pray too that I don’t have to show them my “latina side” that combine with my “redhead side” is MIGHTY. I am gonna shove to them the darn list up their frigging… Well you catch my drift right?

    • @Stephe (I would really hate to have to show my Blackness on them.)
      Totally LOL :-)

      Stephe, you got back up girl, I’m ready to take off the earrings and put on the sneakers if Time doesn’t act right!

    • Sister they bet not make me have to braid my hair throw the earring off and put the big rings on, you know I’m there with ya. hahahaha

      They wouldn’t like to see that!

  16. (*Edited to add: I suppose I should have specified that the freaking out is being done all over the Rainiverse. Sorry about that.)

    OMG. *totally confused as to why people are freaking out*

    1. Please pay attention to THIS sentence: “Though official voting for inclusion on the TIME 100 list has now closed, with Rain having won the honor…” The official poll voting for being included in the TIME 100 has closed on the April 14 deadline. It is OVER. Rain has won being included, having the most votes on the April 14 deadline.

    2. Over the next week, while they compile the official list of the 99 people they’ve personally picked offline plus the #1 person we picked online (Rain) — that makes 100 — and start compiling their special issue, they are allowing readers to continue voting if they want to, to move their favorites who didn’t win up or down and give them better rankings. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE WINNER. THE WINNER HAS WON, EFFECTIVE APRIL 14.

    3. No one has to continue to vote if they don’t want to. IT’S OVER. They are giving everyone something to do while they get themselves together. We continued voting last year because Rain did not win and we wanted to get him as high as we could for the final tally (we got him from 6th to 4th during that extra week).

    4. Anyone who wants to continue to vote is welcome to — that’s why they left the poll open. No problem. But they’re not changing dates or pulling a fast one or whatever. NOWHERE does it say “We’re extending the deadline for inclusion in the TIME 100 to April 21.” What it does say is “You can continue voting for your favorites until April 21, but OFFICIAL voting was over on the 14th and Rain has won.”

    Please someone tell me I’m making sense here. Terri, am I making sense here?

    It’s just that I hate to see people upset for nothing (which seems to happen quite a lot).

    Does this help at all?

    Stephe ^@@^

    • Yes, Stephe,

      You are making sense. The voting is done and Rain has won. Scream!

      However, like you, I’m going to keep voting, because its just so darned nice to see him at the top of that stupid list, that I’d like to keep him there.

      So, I hope everybody else keeps voting too, until the 21st.

      OMG. Rain’s going to be in a U.S. Magazine. And one I actually subscribe to too. I don’t think my heart can stand it. Scream again!!!!!

      Terri :-}

      • Yes, we have to keep voting so he can keep that advantage till the end. I like that he won for almost 1,000 votes OVER the second runner up!! Fighting!!!

  17. Our prince is number one!!!! Yes!!! Well done everyone for voting…that was super work! I will be buying time this year and hope it includes a good image of Rain this time. I think, if I am not wrong, Rain was in the top 100 last year but didnt make any of the pages imagewise.

    • Hi, Mel. :)

      Yes, that’s true because you can’t just be in the top 100, you have to win the #1 spot by the online voting deadline.

      (wondering what pics they’re going to use this year… so excited)

      Stephe ^@@^

    • That’s correct, Melanie.

      Only the WINNER of the Time Poll gets included in the Special Issue. The list that appears in the special magazine issue are “chosen” by the Time editors way in advance of the implementation of the poll. Early in the year, they spend a lot of time looking at everything that happened during the year around the world and decide who they feel had earned a spot on the list. A lot more factors are considered than popularity.

      The Time 100 Online poll is a POPULARITY contest that is held around the world. That is all it is. But what makes it important to US is that the winner also gets put on the list.

      People get confused by the two things–the online poll and the special issue magazine. They are two different things. The only year Rain was included in the magazine was 2006 (I think…someone correct me if I’m wrong…), and that was because he was about to start his world tour here and his career was on an upswing (just like it is again now, actually.) and everyone was buzzing about this hot new Asian pop-star who had just suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

      Unfortunately, his tour was canceled and then the lawsuits occurred and there was a lot of controversy and his influence never spread like it should have. I would be a little worried about his popularity now, because of his military service. But I think that will be okay, cause he’s now got us and we’ll try to keep up the momentum while he’s away. :-}

      Terri :-}

  18. Stephe
    i just DON”T understand aTIME POLL at all
    also i want to add some word i am not happy with TIME POLL they change thing at the lasdt min for the win of it thoes to contiune to vote it annoyed me not just that they did that last years too i hate the fact they could get this staright and give such a hard time for other to over work and vote afterall now the result ending date is SUCK but again they should start chnage this idea and get better coz if this contiune to happen TIME POLL will not going alive ahahah anway i will vote for rain but i am SO DISIPONTMENT in them period..phewwwwwwwwww i tried now!

    • Kongsao,

      They didn’t “change” things. They have always kept the voting open, even though the winner had been chosen. To see if the fans will continue to fight to keep the most popular at the top. They did it last year too. Don’t you remember?

      But Rain has WON. But I’m still going to keep voting to keep him at #1. Aren’t you?

      But everybody also needs to vote on the MTV O Awards. We are voting for the Cloud Army over there. And that’s US. Don’t WE want to be on top too? As FANS? Everybody come help me vote on that darned poll too!!!

      Terri :-}

  19. @lotus
    u are part of the voting to don’t put yourself down u and all THOES CLOUDS so we in all same BOAT be happy dear our rain won this and it is a WELL DERSEVED !! :) SMILE…

    • Thank you my sister, my heart is full of pride this morning. WE CLOUDS ROCKED!!! But my eyes are blurry so I have to say good night SISTER CLOUDS!

      WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. @marisa
    yeah differnly that it annoyed me as much too and we know what they are gezzzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeeeee but at lease our rain in their book and it alot meeanful for himm coz soon he leaving to MS this differnly A DEBAKE voting i am PROUDS to be clouds aja aja FIGHTING :0

  21. Congrats to Rain, you deserve it 100 percent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I know the voting poll has closed but I plan on continueing to vote until the list is revealed on the 21st. I will only be voiting here and there when I have a chance. I see that his total is still going up. I just want to continue to add to Rain’s total.

    • Cool, flower. Everyone who wants to continue voting should keep on keeping on!

      Stephe ^@@^

      • Yes, yes!

        I don’t know about you all, but I LIKE seeing him at the top of that list and I’ll love to keep him there. :-}

        Keep voting until the 21st, Clouds! And THANK YOU. You people ROCK THE WORLD.

        Terri :-}


    Let us brush our shoulders off.

    Stephe ^@@^

  23. ONG!!
    i am very excited for him and us clouds me too
    i am so happy and aPROUD of rain he have now an offical HONOR of TIME POLL who have step one step away and WON this TIME POLL CONGRAT to all the CLOUDS that putting all the engery and EFFERT for our man rain CHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR to rain and us clouds thoes who are VOTING like CRAZY !!
    @lOTUS my dear u are awesome too we can party all night long THIS IS HIP SONG ROCK TONIGH!!
    HIP SONG, HIP SONG!1 :p) d(^__^)b :)

  24. It makes me so proud to see his name there at the top where, I think it belongs. Congrats JiHoonie!!!!

  25. Man, this people at Times just gave me a headache!! Why they can decide on a date and stick to it!! I understand that Rain won but there are lots of days between today and the 21. What are we supose to do, keep voting, right? Ugh!! :(

  26. I have a question, although voting is over it says we can keep voting til 21st and the others numbers are going up, Does this matter?

    • If last year is any indication, then no, it doesn’t matter.

      When last year’s winner was declared at the official end of the voting period, we were then allowed to continue to vote for everyone who didn’t win, in order to get them a better placement… but the winner was SET and declared and that was that.

      Now that TIME has put Rain’s win in writing, they can’t and won’t go back on it. No matter what happens with the lower placements now, HE has won. Someone can come up with a million votes between now and the 21st, but they didn’t have them before the end of the 14th, so it won’t mean a hill of beans.

      Stephe ^@@^

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