[fan made] Ji-Hoon and Na-Young.

Enjoy this cute tribute to the new stars of the highly anticipated fall K-drama Runaway—Rain and Lee Na-Young, which uses their SK Telecom Nate story CF footage from 2006 and 2007.  Nice job, lunaluna!  — Stephe ^@@^

(credit and edit: lunaluna / courtesy of eye0rain)


Rain and Na-Young’s SKT Nate story CFs, all in one and English subbed, from our Commercial Spots page.  (courtesy of rainxsnow @YT)

~ by Cloud USA on July 7, 2010.

6 Responses to “[fan made] Ji-Hoon and Na-Young.”

  1. I still can’t watch vids! ARGHHHH.. bad case of withdrawal symptons here.

    • Do you really think it’s your internet provider, river? When I had that problem, it turned out to be my browser and my flash player not corresponding.

      Sorry if we’ve had this conversation before. It’s late/early, I’m bleary-eyed from voting, and I need sleep. And I’m really concerned about your inability to watch videos. It’s appalling! :(

      Stephe ^@@^

  2. They look cute together on screen. I am so looking forward to seeing this…., is it September yet?

  3. this is nice done i like and i think the drama is going to hit ofcurse :)

  4. The first video is very romantic the way it’s put together and with Eric Benet’s beautiful song just gives it a nice touch.

  5. and with GO from MBLAQ singing for them. this is nice work.

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