[Cloud USA video] Kiss Me.

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Rainthetreasure series #24! Love it! ♥ ^@@^ Credit and edit: JJ @Cloud USA/ Jess MK / CloudUSAChannel @YT. Music: Ed Sheeran, “Kiss Me” PLEASE support the artist. Thank you!)

[topic thread][spoilers] What Clouds are watching right now…

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Running… NOT. Terri’s Scream Caps from The Fugitive: Plan B Episode 5.

» You can find the previous thread (6/7 – 12/4/13) HERE. ^@@^

[images] Rain check. (And a SangQ check, too.)

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Random Rain Goodness: 30 Sexy Rain posted by Cloud Hungary: Incredible RAIN on their Facebook. Nice! :)



As we understand it, Rain and BbaekGa sent Fabulous One SangQ flower garlands in celebration of SangQ’s new restaurant DQ Pub’s grand opening. So, cutie… seeing as you named it DQ Pub, and your dance company along with fellow choreographer and Fab One YongDuk is named DQ Agency, does that mean cutie YongDuk is also a part of this new venture? Cool. :) ^@@^  (Images credit: Scorpiola Bi @Facebook)


(Per Scorpiola Bi: The greeting message by them was really funny, “SSang Kyu ar~ Repay Debt Soon!”) LOL! ^@@^

(Image credit: Kim KyuSang @Facebook. Congrats, dude! ^@@^)


(Image credit: Son YongPil @Facebook)



Oooh! Thai Clouds have Golden Tickets to the Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival in Lishui, China on 8/3.^^ (Image credit: Cloud Thailand @Facebook. Rain image credit: 56.com)


Xiushan Lishui Oxygen Music Festival Rain 2014_CUSA

[article][Eng trans] Baptized, but no marriage talks.

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— ^@@^

스타뉴스 (Star News) on Naver 7/21/2014 — by 문완식, 기자 (Mun Wan Shik, Reporter)

Baptized, but no marriage talks


“It was planed since long ago, please stop misinterpreting.”

It is true that singer and actor Rain has recently been baptized into the Roman Catholic Church, but he revealed that it has nothing to do with marriage and his girlfriend Kim Tae Hee.

A representative from Rain’s company, Cube Entertainment, revealed to Star News that, “It is true that he was baptized,” and “but it had been planned long time ago.”

The representative also said, “We would like if the false rumors and misinterpretations could stop about this being involved in marriage with Kim Tae Hee.”

The Media was informed that Rain was baptized on July 20 in the company of Kim Tae Hee and her family. The baptism was performed secretly, and it has nothing to do with marriage talks.

English translation for Cloud USA: Hyerim Kim from Hellokpop

Source article: 비측 “세례 받았지만 김태희와 결혼임박NO” 공식입장

Special Blast from the past #228: A midsummer night’s dream in 1999.

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Please enjoy this very precious Blast from waaay before Baby Boy was 비, when he was fresh-faced, bright-eyed, deep-voiced JiHun of teen K-Pop group FanClub ( 팬클럽) some fifteen years ago. In May 1999, FanClub took to the stage and had a doggone good time doing their thing on MBC TV show Music Camp. (Baby Hoonie has a little blue donut/pool floatie/inner tube attached to himself and is the third member to come on screen.^^)

Thank you, Pipi-Rain, for reminding me of this cute performance! hahaha :)

(Clip source credit: MBCkpop @YT.)

(Caps credit: Rainstorm)



Rain on ME

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Cloud USA:

We hear ya. You’re not by yourself, not by a long shot! :) — Stephe ^@@^

Originally posted on Shaquanda's K-World:

Rain Rain Rain Oh my Lord Rain. How I love this man so much. If I could meet him I would faint and like explode. He is funny, sexy, he can sing, dance, and act. He will be in the Upcoming movie “The Prince” next to Bruce Willis, John Cusack and Jason Patric. He was also in Ninja Assassins looking more than beautiful. His English is damn good in my opinion. Let’s face it most Koreans on the dramas and some movies suck terribly at English. Ugh but not my baby. I can not wait. It comes out August 22nd, 2014. I will be seeing it in the movies too. I love Bruce Willis movies and add in one of my Husbands. OMO!

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[article] See more Mobile, more Rain, more action in new trailer for ‘The Prince.’

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— ^@@^

AL.com 7/16/2014 — by Jonathan Grass

See more Mobile, more Rain, more action in new trailer for ‘The Prince’


The new full-length trailer for the Alabama-filmed action movie “The Prince” has surfaced online.

Clocking in at a full minute longer than the teaser released last month, the new ad has time to give a few more glimpses into what the movie’s actually about. Plus, there’s room to show a few more of those action sequences shot in Mobile….

» You can read Jonathan’s article in its entirety and leave your comments on AL.com HERE. :)

[quickie][fan made] Rain is beautiful, and here is the proof. :)

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Awesome, Alisa! That’s how it’s done. :) ^@@^ (Credit and edit: @Alisa4Rain / Alisa Rain @YT.)

[article][learning Korean] Rain offered a role in “Song For You” (송포유) 2014, but still undecided.

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


Image credit: HanCinema

One thing that I find interesting about this SBS K-drama is its working title. Specifically, that the working title in Hangul is not made of Korean words, rather it is English words adapted to—or spelled in—Korean, something that’s done quite a lot over there.

For instance, a Korean word for “song” is 노래 (no-lae), as in “Love Song (The Song To Make You Stay)” (널 붙잡을 노래, neol butjab-eul nolae) on Rain’s 2010 mini-album Back To The Basic. “Song for you” in Korean words is 당신을위한 노래 (dangsin-eul-wihan nolae). However, as you can see, the drama is being billed as “송포유” (song-po-yu).

ㅅ (s) ㅗ (o) ㅇ(ng) spells the English word song / ㅍ (p) ㅗ (o) takes the place of “for” because there is no “f” sound in Korean, they use a “p” sound for English instead. There also is no straight “r” sound, technically / 유 takes the place of “you” as this is the Korean vowel that is pronounced “yu.”

As a result, if you put 송포유 in a translator, it comes out nonsensical because 포유 is a Korean word for mammal. But Korean-speakers understand on sight that these characters represent English words adapted to the Korean language. Personally, I like this working title. It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

“Song For You” 2014 is categorized as a romantic comedy (16 episodes, Wednesdays and Thursdays), so, if Rain decides to do it, I think it would be a nice fit. According to HanCinema, the synopsis is: “A romance drama about a woman who dreams of standing on stage with her music and a man who’s full of secrets.” ^@@^

HanCinema 7/17/2014 —

Rain, offered a role in “Song For You” but still undecided


Singer and actor Rain is a likely candidate for the new SBS drama “Song For You”.

According to his agency, Rain has indeed been offered a role but nothing has been decided yet.

“Song For You” is a story of passionate youths in the K-POP world. Based in an imaginary entertainment agency, youths fight for dominance and success.

“Song For You” is produced by Park Hyeong-gi and written by No Ji-seol and will be broadcasted after the SBS drama “It’s Alright, It’s Love“.

Meanwhile, if Rain stars in “Song For You”, it’ll be the first time in 4 years since the 2010 “The Fugitive Plan B“.


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