Vote for RAIN: 2014 MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs)

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~Cloud cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor


There are SO many polling opportunities out there that include Rain, that it’s often difficult to tell which ones are important and which aren’t.  Let me be frank.  Most of them aren’t important.  That is the main reason you don’t see Cloud USA promoting them, because although they are fun, most of these popularity polls truly don’t matter much in the long run, and we know your time is precious.

However, this one is different.  This one IS important.  Why?

263Well, for those of you who don’t know, the MNet Asian Music Awards, held annually by CJ E&M through its music network television channel MNet, is one of the most IMPORTANT events in the South Korean music industry.  It’s a big deal.

Luckily, the MAMAs poll is also of the few critical Korean music industry polls that global fans actually get a chance to influence through their international online poll.  YAY for us!

Rain has won 5 MAMA’s during his music career and has been nominated for 9 of them.  This year’s event is also a special award ceremony to us Clouds, because this is the first time Rain has been nominated for the MAMAs awards since he completed his military service and made his comeback last year.

Lucky for us, Rain did manage to prepare a short performance for the MAMAs show last year.  And what an amazing performance it was—so exciting for those of us who had missed him so terribly while he was away. (In case you missed that stellar performance, you can still watch it on MNet’s Official YouTube Channel. ♥)

The bottom line is if you are going to spend your precious time voting for Rain online somewhere, then please do it here.  Your participation will mean a lot not just to Rain, but also to us here at Cloud USA and beyond.

MAMAs Voting

You will find The MAMAs’ voting poll pages here: (Or click on the MAMAs image right above these instructions.)

You will need to register with MNet or another social media site and be logged in to vote.

Rain has been nominated in 4 categories:

  • #2 – Best Male Artist
  • #8 – Best Dance Performance Solo
  • # 16 – Union Pay Artist of the Year
  • #17 – Union Pay Song of the Year

(Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the arrows to maneuver between categories.)

Voting period:

  • 6:00 PM KST on Monday, 10/27/14 through Midnight KST on Tuesday, 12/02/14

You are allowed to vote ONCE per day per account (I.e., MNet ID/Facebook page/Twitter account).  So, if you have multiple accounts, you should be able to vote multiple times per day.

After you vote, you’ll receive a ROSE for voting.  Please send your ROSE to RAIN.

You must send him a rose so that his star ranking will go up.  The star who collects the most roses each day will get a special promotional banner displayed on his/her MAMA voting page the next day! 

Right now, Rain is at #24 in the star ranking.  So, please vote for RAIN and remember to send him a rose to help push his star ranking even higher.  ♥

Rain's Rose Ranking

Don’t forget to also watch the awards show in December to cheer Rain on.  The details of the ceremony event are listed below.

Wishing you all many lovely Rainy days.  ♥

Terri :-}

MNET Asian Music Awards Show Event details:

Date:  Wednesday, December 3, 2014


  • Red Carpet – 8:00 PM to 10:00 PM (KST)
  • Ceremony – 10:00 PM to 12:00 AM (KST)

Broadcast Channels:

  • In Korea: MNet, KM, tvN, OnStyle, O’live, Story On, XTM
  • International Broadcast: MNet Japan, MNet America, Channel M
  • Online Live Streaming :


[info][Cloud USA] Our Next Super Cell Cloudburst will be in Buloxi, Mississippi!

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2DSC_8890Cloud Cover by Terri :-}, Managing Editor

I’m delighted to announce that our next Cloud USA meet-up will be in Buloxi, Mississippi, on Saturday, December 6, 2014.

We are looking forward to hanging out with old friends and making some new ones. So, we really do hope that many of you will be able to join us on our adventure. Below are the details of the event.

WHAT: A Cloud USA get-together (Cloudburst), where we can all meet up and get our Rain-on together.

WHERE: Buloxi, Mississippi. Buloxi, a popular tourist destination, sits on the shores of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. The city is home to sandy beaches, calm waters, and a nightlife full of live entertainment and casino fun (for those of you who wish to partake, of course).

WHEN: Saturday, December 6, at 7 PM—UNTIL. (Yes, you heard right. UNTIL. I’m just saying, don’t expect to get much sleep. :-P)

The Cloudburst meeting will be a casual dinner meeting, but we haven’t decided on a restaurant yet. If we do decide on a dinner venue before we arrive, then we’ll post an update about it here. If not, then look for us to announce the dinner venue on our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram after we get there.


FYI, we (Terri and Stephe) will be staying at the Imperial Palace (IP) Hotel/Casino.

We will be arriving in Buloxi on Friday, December 5th and staying through Sunday, December 6th. If you want to come early and join us for dinner and perhaps some evening entertainment on Friday night, or stay longer and do some sightseeing (or more chatting) with us on Sunday, then please do. We’d love the company.

Please note that the IP Hotel/Casino is NOT on the main drag with the other hotel/casinos. So, if you are a casino hopper, then you might prefer to stay at another hotel. The IP is also undergoing a bit of construction, but they promise to bug us with that only during the day.

There will be goodies, door-prizes, and lots of fun, so please, please come if you can.

If you’re are going to be able to attend, please R.S.V.P. to this invitation at We’d like to get an accurate headcount for meal reservations and door-prize budgeting purposes.

We hope to see you there!

Terri :-} and Stephe ^@@^

pelican-rest-20102AND…Here’s a little early door-prize for those of you who actually read this far.  (Hee, hee, hee.  You really didn’t think we’d do a post without a single Rain photo in it, did you?  :-P  Sigh.  So gorgeous.)


[trailer 2/clips][HD images][露水红颜] Fresh marketing for upcoming Chinese movie For Love or Money.

•October 16, 2014 • 3 Comments

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


There are only three weeks left before Rain’s movie debut in China, For Love or Money (露水红颜, Mandarin) premieres in theaters overseas!

The second trailer, a “love” version, has now been released and it’s a doozy. Rain + a newspaper + nothing else = I need an ambulance @____@ » The first trailer is in our previous post HERE. ^@@^

(English subs by Fansub Group Clouds)

» Version on Vimeo, courtesy of Ratoka


“But love never dies!” Behind the scenes of the movie from Director Gao’s point of view, and CCTV’s point of view. (courtesy of ratoka)

Continue reading ‘[trailer 2/clips][HD images][露水红颜] Fresh marketing for upcoming Chinese movie For Love or Money.’

[Cloud USA video] How Long Will I Love You.

•October 6, 2014 • 3 Comments

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Beautiful, Jess. Couldn’t ask for more! ♥ ^@@^ Credit and edit: JJ @CloudUSA / Jess MK / rainthetreasure / CloudUSAChannel @YT. Music: Ellie Goulding, “How Long Will I Love You” PLEASE support the artist. Thank you!)

[English trans] Instagrams and Tweets abound: 비 wants you to see… (10/29)

•October 30, 2014 • 13 Comments

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

** NOTE per Sonya (in the thread comments): This person has been a fan of Rain for 15 years. She is 24 years old now. She is still a fan of him. He received this letter recently. Even though she becomes a mother, and gets old in the future, she will still be his fan. ^@@^


(Image credit: RAIN / rain_oppa @Instagram / 29rain @Twitter, 10/29.)

Fan letter English translation by Sonya @Cloud USA: [asides by Sonya are in brackets]

“Oppa, in fact, I’ve liked you since Fanclub [South Korean K-Pop group] before “Bad Guy” [his debut song as Rain] LOL. Now, I am 24 years old. LOL I’ve worked as an intern designer for the Benetton Accessories. The reason I joined this company was that I thought would be possible to meet you. LOL It sounds strange… Actually, you’ve heard these kinds of strange words a lot. LOL Concert, showcase. LOL I wanted to go to the LA Song showcase, but I couldn’t go there due to being busy as a senior in college. It is not important matter. I am so happy that you are in the [TV] drama  in Korea after a long time. LOL

Clouds have been waiting for you. LOL I think it seems to be hard for you a lot because of the drama’s tight schedule. Please, be careful not to catch a cold on cold days and hwaiting! [way to go!] until the last day of shooting for the drama [My Lovely Girl]. Even though I am going to have a baby and become a mother, and go on through the years into old age, I will be your fan.^ ^ I admire that you always look great [cool] and you try so hard [try your best, your effort, your hard work].

In a way, this is my first fan letter.  I wrote [it] in a hurry, but thank you for reading this letter. LOL My dream was once to be Oppa’s stylist.

Rain’s Twitter/Instagram message on 10/29 translation by Sonya @Cloud USA: [asides by Sonya are in brackets]

A written letter from a fan who has been a fan for 15 years touches me… I feel the warmth and sincerity of the heart due to her sudden note [memo, letter]… [the fan said] she will forever love me and support me even after she becomes an ahjuma ~

Thank you for the support and the letter. It just like having stamina food [herbal tonics]. I will certainly do my best all the time [I will hang in there until then].

“15년전부터 팬이었다는 어느 친구의 손편지 왠지 모르게 감동이…갑작스러운 메모지에 진심과 정성이 전해져오는 느낌 …아이낳고 아줌마되서도 응원하겠다며~ 고마워 덕분에 보약먹은 느낌이야 그때까지 버텨볼께 ㅠ”

[article][DramaFever] K-drama stars and K-pop group donate items to charity auction in China.

•October 29, 2014 • Leave a Comment

DramaFever News 10/29/2014 — by Stephe Thornton

K-drama stars and K-pop group donate items to charity auction in China


Paimai, the massive auction website run by e-shopping giant Alibaba’s Taobao Marketplace, held a special online Korean charity auction for its Chinese consumers this week. Actor/singer Rain, actor Choi Jin Hyuk, actress Kim Yoo Jung, and idol girl group AOA donated unique items that they’ve used on the job for the event….

» You can read Stephe’s article in its entirety, see the results of the auction, and leave your comments on DramaFever HERE.

[articles] CloudUSAer BiAlamode guest-blogs for The Pink Fashion Ninja.

•October 29, 2014 • 1 Comment

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

BeFunky_Rain king Bi.jpg

Longtime CloudUSAer and fashion maven BiAlamode (a.k.a. Dee Dee LaShore) recently guest-posted for fashion blogger extraordinaire April Jackson, who is known far and wide as The Pink Fashion Ninja. (Two of my favorite peeps, yuss!)

That there is what I call a terrific combination, y’all.

No question, I’m all in with Dee’s Top 6. Mmmmmm… yeah! Head on over to April’s blog and get your read-on. :)

Article 1: “The Grown and Sexy” List: BiAlamode’s Top 6 (10/20)

Article 2: “The Cultural Blend” (10/25)


[images] More of Rain at the Beijing Hyundai ix25 Concert in Guangzhou. (10/10)

•October 28, 2014 • 2 Comments

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

(Images credit:






[images][露水红颜] For Love or Money check.

•October 28, 2014 • 3 Comments

Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Aww! ♥ The For Love or Money micro-blog continues to post the cutest doggone movie stills ev-var! 10 MORE DAYS before Rain’s Chinese movie debut. :) (Image source credit: 电影露水红颜官博 @Weibo)



mn(2) (1)

[poster ads] MENtholatum check in China.

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^

Is this on the walls in the subway? Surely. It. Gets. No. Better. Than. This. @__@ I’m ready, Lawd! ^@@^ (Images credit: Daisy_bi / btm @Raincloudhk)





Easy to see, this one IS on public transportation. Cool. (Image credit: Terryones @Weibo)



(Image credit: The official Mentholatum China micro-blog @Weibo / mentholatum001)


[info][clip] Mnet 2014 MAMA Best Dance Performance Solo Nominees.

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Cloud cover by: Stephe, Managing Editor ^@@^


(Posters source credit: 엠카운트다운[Mnet M COUNTDOWN] @Facebook.)

C’mon, folks. “Best Dance Performance Solo” has been Rain’s middle name for his entire career. Just sayin. :) (Hyun A’s “Red” choreography is on point, too!) ^@@^

» You can read Terri’s extensive info post Vote for RAIN: 2014 MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMAs) by CLICKING the link!

(Clip source credit: Mnet @YT.)



Additional info and chart capture by Scorpiola @The Cloud

Voting site ->
Rain has been nominated in 4 categories
2.) Best Male Artist
8.) Best Dance Performance Solo
16.) Union Pay Artist of the Year
17.) Union Pay Song of the Year

Don’t forget to give Rain a rose after each vote!!

-Voting Time: 10/27 MON. 18pm ~ 12/2 TUE. 24pm (KST)
-Vote once per ID per day



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